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[Exclusive Video] Your Extraordinary Accomplishments

Greetings! This video is about you, yes, YOU!  🙂 Bob Proctor covers: The one thing that stops 95% of people from reaching their goals The process to massively increase the results in every area of your life What is dictating … Continue reading

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Be Picky

What is your attitude about the task that lays before you? Are you selective about what you think about the task that lays before you? “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar 8:03 “You’re just … Continue reading

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My Perfect Life

This is a trap that I fall into — we’re taught goal-setting, and we always shoot for what we do NOT have. If the way we feel is an indicator of what we are attracting, what is natural for any person to feel if they continually focus on what they do not have?

Setting the goal is the starting point — it is an exercise of contrasts. Once the goal is set, however, let the good feelings begin. Usually, the “bad” feelings set in immediately, especially if you’ve set quite a stretch goal. You start having doubts. It’s almost automatic that you will have thoughts of why you would not make the goal.

But, you must nip it in the bud, and your task is to focus on how good you will feel once the goal is achieved. And to help you with that, ask yourself this question. What is present in your current experience, that you can be thankful for, as it resembles or aligns with the good feelings you will feel once your goal is achieved?

‘The minute you stop focusing on what you lack, start focusing on what you’ve already got, and add the “magic” ingredient of action, you actually begin to attract more of what you want.’

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Flu Prevention

These flu prevention tips are quite practical and simple. I’ve started some of the easy practices — to your abundant health & vitality! Continue reading

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Two Wolves

Which wolf are you feeding in this moment? Powerful visual! Continue reading

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