Honoring Our Connection

This started out a few years back in 2007 on my site on Multiply.com.  My caption says, “Adding a voice to the pics :).” Though video existed, I suppose it was not as “hot.” Actually,  I was more likely just “not with the program.”  

Fast forward to 2011.  Everybody is on Facebook.  Here’s my updated version with Facebook in mind, but hey, its core purpose is to connect with you, electronically, so . . . pardon the specificity to Facebook–I’m just not making another one.  So there!

This is dedicated to YOU. You, make it a great day!

Please connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

I appreciate you!

Bernie Floresca




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BERNIE FLORESCA, teacher, entrepreneur, marketing mentor, musician, sales professional, ex-project manager, kid-at-heart, glass-half-full-kinda-guy studying law of attraction. www.BernieFloresca.com
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  • Have always been impressed by Bernie’s thrusts, be it spiritual, philosophical,  humanitarian, business and economic…..! Way to go, man, – my prayerful thoughts and wishes for all the best go with you.

  • Humbled, Ma’am Sonja! <3        http://youtu.be/DUJ006UGnWs