Contrasts In Time

It’s amazing what a century can do.   Time was when . . .  Just imagine how they could have fathomed iPhones back in that era?  Now try for any inkling on the Internet then. If you’re lucky, ask your grandparents if they could have.  What an interesting conversation that would be. 🙂

Manila, 1930s (Video)


Now, fast forward some decades.  We’re already getting glimpses of it.  Can you imagine seeing this in our lifetime? How will your life be impacted? What will your business look like? If the Internet was unfathomable in the 1930s, what is unfathomable today that will be one hundred years ahead?


City of the World, 2030 (Video)


BERNIE FLORESCA, teacher, entrepreneur, marketing mentor, musician, sales professional, ex-project manager, kid-at-heart, glass-half-full-kinda-guy studying law of attraction.
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