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A Message From Frank Kern

A Message From Frank Kern Let me tell you something about YOU. YOU can do anything you want. YOU are in control. YOU can achieve as much success as you want to. YOU can and will pick yourself up when … Continue reading

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Be Picky

What is your attitude about the task that lays before you? Are you selective about what you think about the task that lays before you? “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar 8:03 “You’re just … Continue reading

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How Do You Get Your Life In Balance?

It all goes back to the basics.  Think back to when you were a kid or your previous experience — what calms you?  Music?  Nature? Closing your eyes? It would be nice to operate in a vacuum. That might give … Continue reading

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Freebies Anyone? (That Free Thing)

Who loves a discount? Or even better, who loves a freebie?  And we’re not talking about the fake, junk, scams, schemes or the waste-of-time-kinda-free-stuff here.  That Free Thing is a “club” (e.g. Sam’s Club), but instead of discounts, it provides … Continue reading

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Focus On What Feels Good

As kids we’ve been taught to “tell the truth,” to tell it as it is. And if we didn’t do that, we’re “lying,” we’re corrupting “the truth.” When we find ourselves in a situation that we do not want, it feels weird to turn our focus to what feels good in an attempt to shift our vibrations from negative to positive.

We are predisposed to revel in the drama, to think and talk about how bad we’ve had it. Sometimes, we even brag that our situation is worse than someone else’s. We forget that “where attention goes, energy flows,” and then we wonder why we’re spiraling downward, out of control.

Focus on what feels good to you, in every moment! Continue reading

Thoughts Become Things