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BERNIE FLORESCA, teacher, entrepreneur, marketing mentor, musician, sales professional, ex-project manager, kid-at-heart, glass-half-full-kinda-guy studying law of attraction.

What Is Peace?

On Christmas Day, after a fun and fulfilling time with family, I took the opportunity to decompress.   I had just concluded a long and hectic week at work, right into and the hustle and bustle of the holidays and … Continue reading

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Bernie’s Earth Hour “Concert” — 2009

I posted this video of me playing the piano on Facebook with the following “disclaimer.” 🙂 ==== Begin ==== Bernie Floresca WARNING: I’ve not practiced forever. But it was Earth Hour, the lights were out and the piano was available. … Continue reading


Let Us All Unite! | Charlie Chaplin, “The Great Dictator”

              This is the climax to the 1940 Charlie Chaplin film, “The Great Dictator.”  In this scene, the protagonist, an unnamed barber (Charlie Chaplin) who has mistakenly assumed the identity of the dictator (also … Continue reading

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Happy 236th Birthday, U.S. Navy!

From a navy brat — dedicated to all the women and men who have and are serving in the United States Navy . . . THANK YOU! Ben Floresca, USN Retired (1946-1966) Frank Mase, USN Retired (1986-2010)       … Continue reading

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Honoring Our Connection

This started out a few years back in 2007 on my site on  My caption says, “Adding a voice to the pics :).” Though video existed, I suppose it was not as “hot.” Actually,  I was more likely just “not with … Continue reading

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