Pinoy Entrepreneurship

What If? Vision: Pinoys Don’t Need to Move Abroad, Dividing Families for Greener Pastures.

Two basic facts:

1) The #1 “commodity” exported by Pinas is its people.
2) The internet is a powerful medium that is shrinking the global marketplace.

Picture this: online entrepreneurs make money from the comfort of their homes, on the internet. In that case, home can be anywhere, Pinas included.

Multiple “vehicles” exist on the internet to make this happen. However, to be successful specifically for pinoys in Pinas, the vehicle must be affordable — very affordable.

I’m excited for you because this blog could change your life.  If you’re anything like me and you wondered if there was a legitimate online-based business that can put you in control of your life, your finances and your family’s future, then read the following very carefully and follow instructions.

Many internet marketers achieve 3, 4 or 5-figure monthly incomes.  One could say, “hindi ‘yan gagana sa Pilipinas,” or “anong gimik na naman ‘yan, nasubukan ko na iyan noon.”  If that is the case, and you are skeptical, then this is definitely NOT for you.

I’m looking for self-starters who are self-motivated, but most of all, I’m looking for people who believe they deserve to have more out of life and will do whatever it takes. If that is you, I will take you through a very relaxed simple process so that you can make an intelligent decision about your future.

What I will not do is convince or sell you.  To begin,

1.  Click this link

2.  Enter your correct information, and

3.  Check your email for your application to see if you qualify.

The Vehicle: That Free Thing (click to read about the model as it is currently emerging in the USA).  The company is in prelaunch as of March 1, 2011, a mere 3 weeks old, has members in 97 countries of which the Philippines is currently No. 8 with 60 members, compared to the US’s 12,175 in the No. 1 spot.  (Malaysia is No. 5 with 221 members — mas magaling ba sila sa ‘tin? 🙂

That Free Thing says, “As soon as a country has 1,000 members we are going to fully support that country!  Fully supporting a country means that we are going to start finding and negotiating free products and services in that country. We are also going to translate the website if necessary and begin putting customer service in place for that country. We are expanding rapidly and we are very excited to begin our International expansion.”

Itaguyod ang bandilang Pilipino!  Magtulungan po tayo!  Paki-share po ito sa inyong mga kapamilya, mga kaibigan at mga katrabaho.  Maraming salamat po!

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I appreciate you!



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    More power to you. Ito kababayan mo sa Vancouver, Canada.

    Your success,
    Jonathan Ferrer
    Internet Image Coach

    “Building Trust one connection at a time”